Overview of KAMI Initiatives

Ⅰ. Education

Targeting users, families, professionals, citizens, and students

  • 10AM to noon every last Saturday

Ⅱ. KAMI Forum

Collaboration with relevant human rights organizations

  • 1PM to 5PM every last Saturday
  • June : pursuit of the measures to eliminate welfare system's discrimination of mentally disabled people (disabled person welfare law Clause 15 Sub Clause 2)
  • August : adult guardian system

Ⅲ. KAMI Convention

Support activities such as counseling, consultation, and future foundation establishment support

  • 4 days and 3 nights: Education, exchange, workshops

Ⅳ. Promotion Projects

Cultivating communication skills and imagination necessary for daily life

  • Leaflet
  • KAMI Brochures
  • Mini booklet (concerned parties' My story)
  • Mini booklet for education (publication, translated and published by KAMI )
  • KAMI education material